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Cinco de Miler in pictures

Last weekend I was in Zihuatanejo, Mexico for a friend's wedding, so it seemed only fitting to be running the Cinco de Miler this weekend as a follow-up.

I had a good time last year and have been looking forward to running it again (though not as a double-header with C4Miles and not even as a back-to-back run with the Run to Remember). I enjoyed both those races last year but both were yesterday morning and I was volunteering with the Northwest Side Housing Center to clean up a vacant lot (because I'm a really outstanding citizen, okay). Also, my knee has been hurting and I figure I better not push it more than I already am by running multiple races for a while. This is what happens when you turn 30 I guess...

Anyway, this year's Cinco de Miler was a bit bigger than last year's (estimates are around 7000 and last year's was 4008).

I had a great time (despite my knee) and here's a breakdown of the race through pictures. If you're thinking of checking this race out next year, I'd highly recommend it (as I do in my Newcity review).

Both the Mexican and American flags were flying at the starting line:

There were some green guys, coaching some kids along. I never thought I would hear a green guy yelling: "It's all a mind game! No pain, no gain!" Now I have. Check that off my life list.

Sweet mariachi band that you ran past twice in different directions. Last year there were five guys. This year there were eight. It's going to be huge next year, guys.

Post-race food. Two breakfast burritos, chips and salsa and a churro. The chips were okay but the breakfast burritos and churro were pretty delicious.

This is how runners "party" after a race: by sitting down with the food/drinks they got at the finish line and feeling exhausted. The weather was perfect for this type of activity.

How do you get the food? Get in these lines and give them the little pull-off tab on your bib. They know that you just ran a race and have very little brain power so they make it as easy as possible.

This older dude was rocking out to "Bye Bye Bye" as covered by the post-race party band El Guapo. He might not look like an NSYNC fan at first, but you seriously never can tell.


  1. Great pics. I always thought that this race was run through Pilsen, but then this morning I saw people with race bibs by the lake.

  2. Nice pics! Sorry your knee is bugging you. I know all about pain...I had to miss the race cause I can barely walk right now. But yikes that the race size nearly doubled!

    1. I just checked and it looks like they overestimated. There were only 5058 finishers... so either a lot of people didn't turn up or they just rounded wayyyyy up.

      Sorry you're injured. Not being able to run when you want to is incredibly frustrating.

    2. Maybe they counted the volunteers and spectators? I saw something about 8,000 people around Montrose and was wondering how they'd all fit in.

      Aw, I'll be OK. I'm used to this injury thing by now ;) I'm on the mend, but still waiting for the doc's OK to try running again--crazy how it hit like a ton of bricks cause I was totally fine and the completely sidelined.

  3. what? doesn't everyone run three races every weekend? Jeez dude get with it.....
    Looks like a fun time and fun photos! I love seeing races that do something different for post race food. Thanks for the write up!

  4. It was fun, loved the mariachi band but the green guys, no lie, freaked me out a little! I felt the opposite about the food, was not impressed with the burritos.

    I had heard the 8K included spectators so I don't think there quite that many runners but there were definitely a LOT, biggest race I've ever run! (And I ran it because of your review from last year - glad I took your word on it! Not sure I'd do it again next year, but glad to do it at least once!)

    1. "And I ran it because of your review from last year" That's awesome! Glad you enjoyed it.

    2. Definitely did, so thanks for the review :)

  5. I agree with the after the race food i always eat like that after the race

  6. Great review! I skipped the race this year, but I'll put it on my list for next year.


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